Academic Reading Parties & Study Days

The Burn offers a special sense of a shared experience that brings students and academic staff together, boosts enthusiasm for their subject and benefits their education.

Every reading party is different, with some focused more on taking a break from a tight teaching calendar, and others enjoying the opportunity of valuable one-on-one discussions between academics and students away from the syllabus and the lecture theatre.

The Burn has a long history of hosting academic reading parties from across the world. We have students from Scottish universities and also have regular visitors from the rest of the UK, Germany, the United States, and South Africa.

Student Experience and Wellbeing

The Burn offers a unique blend of home comforts and an idyllic location. Its green and open spaces provide a real escape from modern pressures and demands. Its a great place to replace recharge and recover.

Beautiful, peaceful, and productive. Thank you for such a wonderful place.

Member of Marine Alliance for Science and Technology

Staff Away Days and Writing Retreats

The Burn is a great place for team building, planning, and preparing for the year ahead. With reliable wifi it provides the perfect calm for research and report writing.

The Burn is a place which allows you to be detached from the world and connect with yourself.

Abe Bailey scholar

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